Listing ID: CLT1145
Asking Price: $350,000
Sq. Ft.: 3200
Total Revenue: $1,300,000
Cash Flow: 180000
Rent: $0
Available Financing: true

Legendary BBQ Brand & Restaurant for Sale

50+ Years In Business! 

This legendary family-style BBQ joint has been going strong since 1976. It was passed onto the next generation a few years back, but the owner has developed some health issues that affect his ability to run his multiple locations. He’d love to pass the torch to the next operator – someone that respects the history but has the vision to bring this brand forward into its next decade of success.

You’ll be walking into an establishment with a following to the tune of $1.3MM in annual revenue. His costs have been slightly elevated, but an owner-operator that understands the science behind this business will quickly identify the opportunities for cost-management. But as things sit now, this owner is still able to bring about 14% to the bottom-line ($180,000/annually).

Listen. All you BBQ guys are the same. You’re a constant critic because your Q is the best, right? And you’d never consider taking over an existing brand. Hey, we get the vibe. But respectfully, don’t me a moron and let your ego outsmart your business sense!

Any smart restaurant operator in today’s market would tell you … your pride can often be your downfall in this business. Ok, so you’ve got a great recipe & nobody can smoke it like you can. But this is business. And for about 20% of what you’d spend “building” your own business, not to mention the months of operating in the red that EVERY new business endures, you can walk in the door here and gradually introduce the market to your real talents. It’s just smart business.

$350,000 is 1/3 of what building a restaurant this size will cost you these days. And since the owner will consider owner-financing, you can actually get into this deal with only $175,000 down. Keep that liquidity in the bank to finance small improvements in business operations, not “building out” your restaurant. And still go home with a healthy paycheck.

1) You’ll walk into an already cash-flowing restaurant.
2) Focus your dollars on business improvements, not building the business.
3) Introduce your special talents over time – then rebrand downstream if you want to.
4) Included here is a 20′ Hood System, large walk-ins with plenty of storage, full line equipment, POS system + a catering van and 2 trailers – so you can build a massive catering business, where the real money is made.

Located in a thriving blue-collar suburb community of CLT, this market REALLY respects the talents of a true Pitmaster. This is the type of market where weddings and birthdays always call for some PIG on the table.

Contact Neil Hawver @ NRP ( to schedule a confidential conversation about this and other F&B business opportunities across the CLT Metro. We know one thing … RESTAURANTS.

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