How It All Began

Like many American businesses, National Restaurant Properties was born out of necessity. Founder, Bob Dowdy loved creating and growing innovative, fresh business concepts from a very young age. A successful pattern quickly developed where Bob would create, build, sell and start again with each restaurant property he ran. However, eventually, there was a light-bulb moment where he realized he enjoyed selling the restaurants more than owning them. After a short time finagling his way into the world of business brokerage, National Restaurant Properties came to fruition.


The Early Days

Bob and his brother Richard spearheaded the company out of their vinyl-sided home with no expectations of what growth and expansions were blossoming. They had concluded a formula for success: unrelenting drive and intimate knowledge of the restaurant industry. Hard work was not something the Dowdy boys were afraid of. They sold a lot of restaurants, had their fair share of not-so-fun brokerage stories, but yet gained the expert experience needed to ensure the longevity and lifespan of National Restaurant Properties.
Growth, Expansion & Impact
Through the highs & lows, National Restaurant Properties quickly hit its stride over the next few decades and into the turn of the century. As local restauranteurs & bar owners became aware that there was a brokerage firm that understood their business – and understood them – that demand never ceased.

From the 1980s and well into the turn of the millennium, National Restaurant Properties maintained its position as the premier Business Brokerage firm in the Southeast US. The brand had quickly expanded into more than a dozen local offices, with local teams dedicated to providing a local presence to the markets being served.

Just after the turn of the millennium, Dowdy identified that Commercial Real Estate Services were a natural progression for the brand – and began implementing Site Selection, Leasing & Property Acquisitions throughout the system.

While the industry continues to evolve with changing consumer trends and adapt to technology that seems to revolutionize the business every few years now – National Restaurant Properties has adapted as well. With a focus on and commitment to recruiting talent that represents the clientele we serve – we still maintain our status as the #1 Business Brokerage & Commercial Real Estate brand in the U.S.

What hasn’t changed in the industry is the value of relationships. And that is our #1 objective and mission – to maintain our commitment to enhancing and bringing value to the industry that we call our own.

Bob Dowdy and his brother Richard are long gone, but their spirit of grind and determination live on. That same spirit that is embedded in those that see success in this industry is the same spirit that will carry us into the future and always be our calling card.

NRP’s Restaurant Brokerage & Impact Today
In 2020, National Restaurant Properties was acquired by Sherman Walters & Scott Lee. Both were recruited by Bob Dowdy in his later years – and were major beneficiaries of his mentorship.

Today, National Restaurant Properties is once again evolving. We are using NRP as a breeding ground for innovation & education in the F&B industry. The formula for a successful business or brand in this industry hasn’t changed all that much – the key ingredient will always be HOSPITALITY. While the recipes and systems for delivering on that promise may shift, the core of the industry will always revolve around that one constant ingredient. Those that don’t may sustain short-term, but will eventually be a memory.

Our internal mission is to elevate those in the industry that understand this key hospitality ingredient – and leverage our years of expertise to help them create the blueprint for early and sustained industry success.

Along with the development of our sister company, Bread N Butter Restaurant Strategies, we are hell bent on leaving a positive impact on the industry and our local communities. Communities are defined by many things – but the availability of a dynamic culinary scene will always be the backbone of sustainable local economic development.

Business Brokerage
Site Selection & Leasing
Commercial Real Estate
F&B Economic Development
Franchise Sales
Business Coaching
Menu & Concept Development
Design & Construction
Insurance Services
Food Safety Awareness
F&B Business Capital & Lending
HR Strategies

Our teams at National Restaurant Properties & Bread N Butter Restaurant Strategies now are positioned to assist you with all of the above & more.