Are you a developer or investor? Looking for the right team to advise on the F&B direction of your next project? You’ll appreciate our perspective.

Whether you’re an Economic Developer working on drafting a master plan to increase tax revenue to your community … or a local developer trying to create the right vibe for your next project … or simply an investor looking to pick up a small investment property … National Restaurant Properties has the expertise to bring your vision to life – as well as put all the pieces in place to make it happen.

Economic Development

Whatever the scale or size of your project, the heartbeat of any development will always come from where and how people gather to socialize. And those consumer decisions will always be influenced by the types of restaurants & bars you choose to line your streets & sidewalks. More than anything else, these brands and concepts are going to set the tone and vibe of your community.

Our local presence in your market means that we are uniquely qualified to help you connect the dots to achieve sustainable economic growth – from real estate investors that share your vision to the industry talents that will ultimately create the identity you’re looking for.

And since we cast a pretty wide net regionally, our access and relationships to high-level industry players means that you can trust us to deliver and bring them to the table.

The NRP team studies the F&B industry constantly – identifying the newest trends in the market and developing relationships with those talents that are setting the stage for the rest of the industry.
The NRP team stays immersed in the industry and is uniquely qualified to find tenants and brands that are going to bring sustainable long-term value to your property assets.

Investment Properties

Nothing is better than mailbox money, right? And across the board, the one real estate asset class that has provided a consistent ROI is commercial retail property – specifically those focused on F&B.

Dining dollars in the U.S. consistently represent approximately 4% of GDP – that’s more than the auto & fashion industries combined contribute. Americans spend approximately 12% of their overall budget on dining out. Where & how those dollars are spent may shift with trends in the market, but those figures have remained steady and grown every decade since the early 1900s.

Our relationships with the talents in our local markets give us the upper hand in filling your investment property with both a concept & operator that are going to consistently add value to the property.

If you’re a savvy real estate investor, let’s have a conversation about developing a strategy that will limit your exposure and ultimately grow your net worth over the next decade.