National Restaurant Properties specializes in all things F&B – including franchising. Whether you’re the next budding franchise concept or a well-established brand, NRP has the potential to add tremendous value to your brand.

Franchise Development

“I’m Starting to Think About Franchising My Concept. Where Do I Start?”
If you’re starting to think about franchising your F&B concept, there are numerous questions you should be asking yourself. Have you done a good job of developing “proof of concept?” Is the franchising model even right for me at this stage? Have you defined the right operator profile for your brand?
If these questions only create more questions … let’s talk about it. We can help you bring things into focus. The road to franchising is a long and costly one that requires strategic planning and having the right partner every step of the way.

Franchise Sales

“We are an established franchise model – we just need help tapping into the right talent to help us grow our brand.”

If you’re franchise brand is locked & loaded … and you’re ready to start identifying target markets and start finding the right operators and real estate opportunities for your brand – then NRP is a perfect extension of your internal Franchise Development team.

Our real estate & business brokerage platforms naturally put us at the forefront every day of meeting with potential partners/franchisees. Qualified candidates for your brand are walking into our doors every day looking to identify the next F&B business opportunity that is “right” for them.

Connecting YOU with THEM is simply a natural extension of our normal processes … and nobody is positioned better to make those introductions for you.

Here’s How the Process Works …
  • You consult with our NRP Franchise Sales team to explore where you are as a brand, and where you’d like to be.
  • We do a deep examination of your brand & create a profile of the operator that is best going to represent & identify with your brand.
  • Now the entire NRP Team has your brand on their radar.
  • Your ideal candidate arrives on our doorsteps ready to invest in their next F&B venture but doesn’t know where to begin.
  • Our NRP team pre-qualifies them, and determines that your brand may be a good fit for them.
  • Our NRP Franchise Sales specialist then provides a professional introduction to your Franchise Development team – where your team begins the exploratory process with the candidate.
  • You and the potential franchisee/operator come to an agreement on available markets to target, how many locations they want to develop, etc.
  • Once you have an executed Franchise Agreement in place, you return the candidate back to NRP to begin the location search using search criteria developed in conjunction with your team.
  • NRP & Franchisee identify the right property & execute the lease.
  • Our NRP Design & Architecture team handles the build-out while you and your new franchisee are wrapping up off-site training, etc.
NRP is the only firm that provides nearly every element of the launch of your brand in our markets – from identifying potential franchisees to driving the site selection process. We can even handle all aspects of build-out with our internal Design & Construction team. And the franchisee can engage our local marketing team to handle opening Public Relations & Digital Marketing.

Franchise Re-Sales

Selling your F&B franchise business is a process that requires proper planning and presentation of the opportunity to the market – confidentially of course. Operators and Brands that use proper due diligence in selecting the right team to handle this process will almost always yield a better return on their investment.

National Restaurant Properties has been selling restaurants & bars since 1969. For over 5 decades now, we have been perfecting the process. We have assisted thousands of operators over the years in developing an exit strategy that yields the best possible outcome for both the franchisee and the franchisor. We don’t specialize in listing restaurants; our expertise is in selling them.

Whether you’re a single or multi-unit franchisee operator, or a franchisor looking for the right brokerage team that will handle these transactions with the care and attention that your brand deserves – talk to National Restaurant Properties about becoming the only partner you’ll ever need.

If you’re curious about finding out the value of your restaurant franchise business or your entire unit portfolio, there’s a lot of details to consider – but that’s what WE do.

Here’s How the Process Works …
  • Schedule a confidential appointment with one of our NRP Advisors.
  • Meet at your business to give us a tour and help us get a better understanding of your business.
  • Your NRP Advisor will review with you – in detail – how the process works and what information we need to properly valuate your business (copy of master lease w/ any pertinent addendums or extensions, business tax returns, business P&L’s, etc)
  • Once this information is gathered, we do a thorough review – then prepare a Market Positioning Proposal to discuss with you at our next meeting. This Market Positioning Proposal will include the suggested Marketing Price, financing options and strategies and how your business will be confidentially marketed.
  • Once we agree on a strategy, we will execute a Listing Agreement for a minimum of 12 months and begin the process of marketing your business.
  • At this point, you have engaged NRP to represent your interests in the sale of your business.
What Happens Then?
  • Your NRP team will meet with & qualify any potential candidates for your business.
  • If they meet financial & experience qualifications, we will schedule a time for them to accompany us on a guided tour of the business with you – BEFORE or AFTER business hours, with no staff around.
  • Meet n Greet. Relationships matter – this is a chance for you and the potential buyer to discuss elements of the business that don’t show up on the balance sheet.
  • Due Diligence. If the buyer remains interested, your NRP Team will continue a due diligence process with them – review of business financials, lease or property details, etc.
  • Making the Offer. All offers must be in writing & binding with a Good Faith Deposit. Your NRP Advisor will review the offer with you in person and decide with you the next course of action.
  • Accepted Offer. Once that offer is accepted, we will begin the approximately 30-90 day process of getting to the closing table. There are numerous circumstances that affect this timeline – landlord approval, outside financing, franchise training (if applicable), etc.
  • The Closing. NRP provides a local, trusted & impartial closing attorney to work on everyone’s behalf and handle dispersing funds accordingly. (Note: we encourage you to have your own legal counsel review his/her work).