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Business Broker

Mike Grady has spent a number of years working with NRP in various roles. At one time he developed our brand into Eastern Tennessee. Today, Mike focuses his efforts on working with NRP clients & customers from across both states – from Columbia SC to Concord NC.

  • Business Brokerage
  • Brand Development
  • Franchise Sales
  • Operations Consulting


Mike considers every F&B entrepreneur that he comes across as family. He embodies the NRP culture of constantly paying it forward to his colleagues in the industry. He connects with his clients in a way that only comes from a baseline of respect and admiration for those that drive this industry forward.

While many on our team here at NRP have called the F&B industry home for many years, Mike is the only one that can truly claim he was born into this business. His mother was a bar owner, and once she was able to return to work after his birth – along came little Michael as well – sleeping in a basket behind the bar. True story.

He started with our firm in 2009 and was told on day one by the infamous founder Bob Dowdy that “the learning curve is long on this one.” Fifteen years later, he now knows what that means.

“You literally never stop learning in this business. Every day teaches you something new it seems,” says Grady. “Whether it’s changing trends in the restaurant world or changing personalities, you have to be ready for anything.”

“Life comes at you fast and as a small business owner. You wear a lot of hats. You want to be the next Truett Cathy but you end up washing dishes because that guy called in sick. You just have to be flexible. You must be humble and never forget that it’s always about people – either those that you rely on to provide a great experience on your behalf, or the one’s walking through the door for the very first time.”

“The reality of the F&B industry, our industry – is that it’s not for everyone. And it takes a mental toll if you don’t have the right folks in your corner. But some of us just can’t get enough of it. I’m here to help you through whatever scenario sits in front of you.”


  • Major – Philosophy / Fine Art
  • Minor – Art History

What I Enjoy the Most About NRP and BNB

Watching an idea become a reality. When I work with a client or customer, I listen to what both motivates them and excites them. What is their dream? When that dream is manifested it’s an incredible thing to watch and appreciate … and typically pretty tasty for me because I get to be one of the first through the door. 

Favorite Quote(s)

  • “Be yourself, everyone else is already taken” - Oscar Wilde 
  • “I love it when a plan comes together” John ‘Hannibal’ Smith


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1327 Sq. Ft.